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Posted on December 06 2014

Posted by Neheet Trivedi.

We were happy to receive this email from Ana Cristina Izquierdo of Cambridge, MA last month. At about 36 weeks, she was still feeling nauseous:

"Thank you so much for the Shanti Bar.

After battling intense nausea and morning sickness throughout my pregnancy, this bar is Amazing.

I cannot stress enough how I would have morning sickness throughout the entire day, morning and night. Night time would be the worst. I literally would spend hours awake running to the bathroom, wishing that the nausea would just stop.
I tried everything from soda water, ginger ale, saltines, teas, you name it, I have tried it.

There were days I would easily vomit 6 times.

This bar is a life saver, I wish I would have known about it so much sooner. Literally within minutes of eating it, I felt good, I felt really good. 

The bar taste is delicious, even the texture is nice. I didn't once hesitate eating it.

I ate the bar at around 8 o'clock. I was severely nauseous, I had vomited up my dinner early that night. And I was laying in bed unable to fall asleep due to how nauseous and sick I felt. Throughout the pregnancy I have been regularly nauseous; however, that night particularly it was one of my stronger nauseous episodes.

Honestly within a few minutes of eating the bar, I felt significantly better. I was skeptical at first if it was going to be effective, but after eating half the bar, I can honestly say the nauseousness and queasiness I felt, to my surprise, was non-existent. I honestly could not believe it. It actually worked for me. I had felt from literally so incredibly sick to my stomach, unable to fall asleep, literally just so miserable, to, after 15 minutes of consuming the bar, I felt so great.

The texture was nice. It was like a Clif bar. The bar was appealing; it looked yummy. Taste wise, it tasted great. It was nice and chewy, a little moist and totally filling. I really enjoyed eating it. And I would eat again even if I weren't nauseous!

Don't hesitate to contact me :)

Thank you again so much,


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