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Anchor Nutrition Bar hits the road to Portland, ME!

Posted on June 04 2015

On our trip up to Portland, Maine, we here on the Anchor Nutrition team met lots of really fun and down-to-earth people. Our first stop was Hampton, NH. Several whale watches, fishing charters, and bait shops were gearing up for the season. We met with the delightful twin sisters April and Angel of Al Gauron Deep Sea Fishing & Whale Watching. They run a really cool shop for anglers and we enjoyed hearing their interest in sharing Anchor Bars with their family and friends , who love fishing but always experiences motion sickness and seasickness.

 Next up was Rye Harbor. We got to watch a load of school children just getting back from a whale watch. What a beautiful day to spend at sea instead of the classroom. Just so long as no one gets nauseous!

Anchor Nutrition visits Rye, NH

Anchor Nutrition visits Rye, NH

In Kennebunkport we met Nick and Tyler from First Chance Whale Watch, which has been family owned for over 20 years! And they also know our mutual friend Captain Ralph

Us crossing the bridge in Kennebunkport, ME

Millions of people visit Portland every year and go out on charter schooners, whale watches, fishing boats, ferries, and cruise ships. Inevitably, many of those people get seasick. We enjoyed the sights and sounds of the old port, which caters to a wide range of ocean-goers, from serious sailors to cruise ship tourists. We visited a number of marinas, charter vessels, and waterfront retail stores. Everyone we met was very helpful and friendly.

We had a great chat with Whitney from Odyssey whale watch, who had sold several bars to customers, but was curious to try it for herself, and although she wasn’t nauseous at all she gobbled up the whole bar! In addition to easing queasiness, our blueberry nausea remedy bar is a great tasting, high protein snack too!

 Casco Bay Variety is one of those unique stores that caters to every type of seafarer in Portland, from casual boaters and day trippers to live-aboard yachtsmen. We had the chance to sit down with owner Maggie, and we’re excited that she will now offer Anchor Bars to her customers.

Anchor Nutrition Bars are now available at Casco Bay Variety!

DiMillo’s is a Portland institution. There is nothing else like the family-owned combination marina, marine shop, boat broker, and floating restaurant! Yacht owners and their friends and family can now purchase our nausea relief bar in DiMillo’s store!

 Our final stop was Nova Star Cruises, a luxury ferry that travels between the US and Canada. We had the opportunity to go aboard and see this magnificent vessel, it was gorgeous!

Queasy travelers can now purchase our all-natural motion sickness remedy!

Worried about what to take on a cruise for motion sickness?  

A big thank you to our newest customers: Dimillo’s Marina, Odyssey Whale Watch, Casco Bay Variety, and Nova Star Cruises! We hope to visit again soon! 

-The Anchor Nutrition Team

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