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Finding Relief from Morning Sickness

Posted on June 14 2015

The first few weeks of pregnancy can be blissful. You are giddy with excitement to embark on a life-changing journey that is probably still a secret. But for many women, those initial weeks are the happy calm before a rough storm of morning sickness.  Unfortunately, that was my experience….twice.

Morning sickness, as many of us soon learn, is a misnomer. Morning-noon-and-night sickness would be more accurate. Nausea can strike at any moment, sometimes disappearing just as quickly and sometimes lasting for what feels like forever. Everyone offers their own advice about how to prevent or ease morning sickness, yet it can feel like nothing is helping and it will never end. 

During two pregnancies, I felt awful for weeks 6 through 16.  During my second pregnancy, I spent almost a full month practically bedridden with nausea.  My doctor’s best advice was to keep food in my stomach, snacking constantly. But that’s easier said than done when just the thought of food brings on further waves of nausea and an overly heightened sense of smell makes even walking into the kitchen difficult.

I tried all the common morning sickness remedies.  Ginger ale and saltines were useless.  Candies like Preggie Pops and special pregnancy teas were palatable, but weren’t nutritious or filling, and I couldn’t find any filling foods with soothing ingredients. I ate a lot of melon and noodles. One week I ate nothing but giant blueberry muffins. During my first trimester, I felt the worst I have ever felt, by far.  I was fortunate to be working from home at the time, but for many women these problems are all compounded by demanding jobs in which they don’t want to reveal their pregnancy.

That’s why I’m working for Anchor Nutrition Bar. When I first heard about the idea, I was relieved that there would finally be a good solution for nausea during pregnancy (and a bit upset that it wasn’t available when I needed it!).  Anchor Bar really is a perfect morning sickness remedy: the right ingredients, nothing artificial or unsafe for pregnancy, an appetizing flavor, all prepackaged in a nutrition bar that fills up a queasy stomach.

I know a lot of people like using Anchor Nutrition Bar for motion sickness, especially at sea. But I think morning sickness can be far worse. If we can bring the product to pregnant women and help ease the disabling nausea they suffer, I will feel like we have truly succeeded.

- Kristine Cass, Real Food Solutions

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