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On the Watch for Whales

Posted on June 19 2015

Most of us on the Anchor Nutrition team hadn’t been whale watching since childhood. Whale watching is a great way to be among family and friends, while immersed in nature, away from the busy, populated coast of Plymouth, Maryland. We’re glad we embarked on this early in the season, before the peak. According to Captain Bob, whale watching boats just fill up with tons of people later on.

 We began the afternoon by meeting with Captain Bob of Captain John’s Whale Watching and Fishing Tours. The Captain has long been a great advocate for the Anchor Nutrition Bar, and we found that day that he has an equally impeccable taste for fish sandwiches. After a delicious lunch in a local place in Plymouth, we boarded his boat among other tourists. We departed from the harbor around 2PM at a relatively fast, but leisurely pace into the open ocean.

 On the boat, we met two little children, who we mistook for skipping school. In fact, they were homeschooled. With this flexibility in school hours, the parents decided that whale watching was too wholesome and rewarding an opportunity to put off to later in the busy season. One of these girls began to feel seasick, and we gladly provided her with an Anchor Nutrition bar.

 After maybe an hour of traveling into the sea, our boat finally reached its destination among the wild whales. As we began to see tails flipping out of the water, everyone on the boat pulled out and poised their cameras for some photographic magic. Surprisingly, a huge part of whale watching was commiserating with the other people trying to take photos. Unfortunately, whales are camera-shy creatures, and our camera battery died before the boat was close enough for that perfect shot. Our distant photos did not do justice to the sight of whales splashing by us.

After maybe an hour or hour and a half, Captain Bob turned the boat around, and we headed back home. With a dead camera void of whale photos, but warm cups of hot chocolate and grilled burgers, we enjoyed the ride back to land.

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