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MassChallenge Update

Posted on August 05 2015

 Boat Outside the MassChallenge Office  Inside the MassChallenge Office


Hard to believe, but we are already seven weeks into the MassChallenge finalists program. It’s been wonderful to be part of such an extensive network of mentors, staff, and startup teams. Every day offers the opportunity to make new friends and gain new perspectives. The diversity here puts the Great Barrier Reef to shame. Real Food Solutions tackles health ailments, such as nausea from motion sickness, morning sickness, and other causes; however, every team is creating their own positive impact in their own way. 


Our first few days at MassChallenge involved many boot camp presentations and discussions about entrepreneurship and the MassChallenge program. These introductory presentations emphasized how plentiful resources are at MassChallenge, and these words have in fact come to fruition.  All the staff members we’ve worked with have been unequivocally supportive. Whether that manifested by ordering uber for our sick, queasy intern or lending out packing tape for supposedly the last time, the MassChallenge staff have been a reliable helping hand. 




Within the Anchor Nutrition Bar team, the next few weeks became very occupied with some new developments including:

  • Entering into BassPro Shops in Florida (Ft. Lauderdale, Dania Bach, and Orlando) and Massachusetts (Foxborough).
  • Release of our bar on the Amazon Launchpad program
  • Entering into Hamilton Marine stores in Maine (Portland, Rockland, and Searsport)
  • Increased marketing and local press efforts
  • Startup Showcase
  • And more!


 Some more daily events included:

  • Waging unresolved war on the printer
  • Stalking the mailroom for boxes to send product
  • Dining and dashing on presentations and discussions with free food
  • Actually attending said free food events
  • Meeting lots of friends in the staff and other startup teams
  • Meeting mentors with a range of talents and experiences across industries
  • Attending Thursday afternoon Happy Hour


As we continue to tackle nausea from all its causes, we wanted to extend a thank you to MassChallenge for all their help. Looking forward to the next months!


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