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The Best Way to Beat Travel Sickness

Posted on December 08 2015

Ginger: The Best Natural Remedy For Travel Sickness?

Here in the Northeast, it’s the time of year when the temperature drops and places like Hawaii and Aruba sound like perfect getaways from the cold and snow. But for people with motion sickness, traveling by plane or taking a Caribbean cruise is anything but relaxing. The nausea and queasiness discomfort that come along with spending time in the air or at sea can come on without warning and quickly ruin a vacation. Luckily there are plenty of motion sickness remedies available. Finding the one that works best can be the hard part.

For people who don’t like to take motion sickness pills like Dramamine or Bonine because of their side effects or because of lifestyle choices, it can be difficult to find a trustworthy alternative nausea relief solution. While there are some things you can try to avoid getting travel sickness in the first place, like not reading while in a car, on a plane or boat, and trying to keep your gaze fixed on the horizon, these methods don’t always work. The science behind motion sickness is complex and simple tricks like those mentioned are just not enough to keep queasiness, vomiting, and other symptoms at bay. Finding non-pharmaceutical based solutions that can turn the tide of nausea from motion sickness if it ends up rearing its ugly head can save a trip from turning unforgettable for all the wrong reasons.

One of the most common and effective natural remedies for easing motion sickness on a cruise, in a plane, or while riding in a car or train, is ginger. Ginger comes in many forms:

  • Pills: Dehydrated Ginger
  • Beverage: Tea, Ginger Ale, Ginger Beer
  • Cookies: Gingersnaps and others
  • Candy: Candied or Crystallized Ginger

When taking ginger to combat travel sickness related nausea, it’s very important to make sure the relief aid you’re using actually contains ginger. Some ginger items, particularly cookies and drinks, use artificial ginger flavoring rather than the real deal, and that definitely won’t help ease the symptoms of motion sickness. Also, ginger has a very strong taste that is not palatable for some people and can even cause heartburn. For people who have this experience with [ginger-based nausea relief aids](http://anchornutri.com/pages/frequently-asked-questions), Anchor Nutrition Bar may be a great solution. It not only  uses real ginger, but combines that with a combination of protein and specific vitamins, both of which have been shown to support nausea relief. More importantly, however, it does not have a strong taste - it has a mild blueberry flavor that maybe be more appealing to people suffering from motion sickness.

There are a lot of choices available when it comes to motion sickness remedies, so figuring out which one, or which combination, works best for you before you set off on your trip is the most important thing you can do to ensure smooth sailing when traveling. Well, that and sunscreen. Happy travels!

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