Feeling queasy? Anchor yourself.

Anchor Nutrition Bar™ - Nausea-Relief Snack (Box of 12 Bars)

$ 39.99

  • Feeling queasy? Anchor yourself!
  • Anchor Nutrition Bar is a nutrition bar that prevents and eases nausea from motion sickness, morning sickness, and other causes.
  • Delicious mild blueberry flavor is easy to eat, even when nauseated.
  • Packed with nausea-fighting ingredients: protein, ginger, and B vitamins.
  • Doctor formulated. No drugs. No drowsiness. Just real food!


A box of 12 Anchor Nutrition Bars™. Keep on your boat or on your cash register counter. The box opens up and serves conveniently on shelves and point-of-sale locations. The product has a shelf life of 9-12 months.

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