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It Started with Family.

I have one sister and she’s awesome. When she was pregnant with her first child (my amazing nephew) we were all thrilled! Like so many women in their first trimesters, my sister had terrible morning sickness – which actually lasted all day. She tried at-home remedies and she was reluctant to take drugs for nausea out of concern around side effects for her and baby. Nothing worked well, and after becoming bedridden, she ultimately lost her job. It was all pretty traumatizing. As this was going on, a good friend of mine had a parent dealing with severe nausea because of medical treatment. 

I couldn’t just sit and watch anymore.

Through a mutual friend, I met and partnered with Dr. Rupa Mukherjee, a gastroenterology specialist at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and a Harvard Medical School faculty member. Together, our mission was to create a drug free solution to nausea that was safe for everyone because it was just real food. After over a year of research and lots and lots of testing for use against morning sickness and motion sickness, the Anchor Nutrition Bar was born. We’re committed to launching more products to address other common ailments, using only food ingredients, and helping our customers feel better!

-Neheet Trivedi











As a gastroenterologist I see many patients with nausea. Many are taking other medications or are concerned about taking medications, so I had dug into the clinical research around food based solutions extensively. Based off of this research, I began recommending protein, ginger, and certain vitamins, including B6. I received positive feedback from my patients, but that it was clunky to incorporate all of these disparate ingredients into their diets. I had wished there was one simple food product with all the ingredients to simplify their lives. So when I met Neheet, our missions were like a match made in Heaven.
-Dr. Rupa Mukherjee, M.D.



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