Feeling queasy? Anchor yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions About Anchor Nutrition Bar

Anchor Nutrition Bar prevents and relieves nausea associated with morning sickness, motion sickness, and other causes. It is a wholly food-based solution to nausea that is high in protein, low in fat and sugar, and contains no preservatives or soy. We designed Anchor Nutrition Bar to be nutritious and safe, even during pregnancy. In surveys with customers on sea and land, more than 70 percent report that Anchor Nutrition Bar effectively prevented and/or relieved their queasiness.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: When should I eat Anchor Nutrition Bar for motion sickness?

 A: Best eaten before boarding a boat, or immediately upon the first sign of queasiness. Anchor Nutrition Bar is fast acting, and you’ll feel the effect within about 5-30 minutes.


Q: When should I eat Anchor Nutrition Bar for morning sickness?

A: Many women have told us they keep a bar on their nightstand and eat it first thing in the morning. It also makes a great snack to prevent nausea between meals.


Q: How long does the effect last?

A: It lasts about 3 hours.


Q: Can you eat something when you are feeling nauseous?

A: Certainly! We’ve combined the ingredients in a way that it is easy to eat when feeling queasy. The delicious blueberry flavor is mild, and though the bar contains ginger, it does not have a strong ginger or smell taste like many other nausea-relief products.


Q: Does it contain any drugs?

A: Nope! It’s just real food. Anchor Nutrition Bar is made from all natural ingredients and is totally safe to eat, even for pregnant women and kids. Anchor Nutrition Bar does contain nuts and dairy, though, so please review the ingredient list if you have food allergies.


Q: What is the science behind Anchor Nutrition Bar?

A: We formulated Anchor Nutrition Bar based on scientific research that link protein, ginger, and B vitamins to nausea relief. Check out our website for more info on the science!

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