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Pink Stork acquires Anchor Nutrition Bar. Existing brand continues, while a new version of the bar under the new brand will be released soon.



Cambridge, MA – July 21, 2016 - Pink Stork, which develops all-natural products for expectant and new mothers, recently acquired Real Food Solutions, bringing the Anchor Nutrition Bar and other products in development into the Pink Stork family. Both companies believe in developing drug-free, natural solutions to prevent and offer relief from common ailments. The merger allows both companies to grow more quickly and provide novel remedies to several customer segments, including expectant mothers and those seeking natural solutions to digestive discomforts.

“We founded Pink Stork in 2012 to help other women like me with morning sickness, nausea, and other discomforts during pregnancy,” said Amy Upchurch, founder of Pink Stork. “We have received great feedback on our current set of natural solutions, and customers have been asking us to add food products to our line. The Anchor Nutrition Bar is a unique and well-developed solution to nausea and morning sickness that makes a great addition to our product line.”

Anchor Nutrition Bar, the brand focused on nausea relief from motion sickness and other causes, will continue to be sold under its current name in the marine, boating, grocery, and natural channels. A new version of the bar under the Pink Stork brand, geared towards nausea relief from morning sickness, will be launched in the near future.

Neheet Trivedi, Real Food Solutions CEO and founder, said, “We initially developed our first product after I saw my sister suffer through terrible nausea and morning sickness, and her search for effective natural relief came up empty. Through this new partnership, we’re excited to continue growing the reach of Anchor Nutrition Bar. For well over a year, we’ve heard feedback from our customers that they experience effective relief from motion sickness, morning sickness, or other nausea in their daily lives. I’ve learned that Anchor Nutrition Bar is not just a food product – it’s a choice people make to get back a little joy in their lives nausea-free.”

“The formulation is based on scientific research that links specific ingredients, including protein, ginger, vitamin B6, to nausea relief,” said Dr. Rupa Mukherjee, asst. professor at Harvard Medical School and practicing gastroenterologist in Boston who leads product development for Real Food Solutions. “I see people who suffer from nausea every day, and it’s clear that many people, including women suffering from morning sickness, are looking for a remedy without drugs and side effects.”

About Pink Stork:

Pink Stork LLC, based in Washington DC, creates all-natural, effective prenatal and postnatal solutions for women during pregnancy and beyond. Amy and Tom Upchurch founded Pink Stork in 2012. Amy suffered from extreme nausea and vomiting during her first pregnancy, and was diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum. Amy went through two more difficult pregnancies before deciding to drastically change her diet: she took a full body approach, conducted extensive research, and used only natural and organic products shown to be effective. She was finally able to fully enjoy her fourth pregnancy. She decided that no mother-to-be should have to endure the distress she experienced, and decided to make available the products and formulations that worked best for her. Pink Stork has developed and distributes 14 products, including pregnancy and nursing mother teas, a prenatal probiotic, bath flakes, sprays, liquid vitamin supplement, essential oil, and other unique products. For more information, visit pinkstorksolutions.com.

About Real Food Solutions

Real Food Solutions LLC, based in Cambridge MA, creates non-drug, food-based remedies for common digestive discomforts. Anchor Nutrition Bar, the world’s first nutrition bar to prevent and relieve nausea from morning sickness, motion sickness, and other causes, is the company’s first product. The Anchor Nutrition Bar is available online, on cruise ships and in marine and grocery stores. For more information, visit anchornutri.com.


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