Feeling queasy? Anchor yourself.

Our Team

 Our Team

Kristine Cass: Founder. A morning sickness survivor, she manages the company's operations and finances. She has deep experience with several Boston-based food companies and holds degrees from Williams and MIT.

Rupa Mukherjee, MD: Chair, Scientific Advisory Board. A gastroenterology specialist, she has appointments at Harvard Medical School and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. She is a partner in product development and writes the Doctor's Corner blog. She received her MD from Johns Hopkins, completed her residency at Yale, and finished her GI training at Columbia and Harvard.

Neheet Trivedi: Founder. It all started with Neheet's sister, who was suffering from terrible morning sickness. He dug into the research and developed Anchor Nutrition Bar as a drug-free, food-based solution to her problem. He has degrees from Yale and MIT.

Danica Cowan: Nutritionist and Dietitian. With a deep background in nutrition and dietetics, Danica spearheads the development of new products. She also grew up sailing and has sailed from Maine to the Caribbean and back, twice. She holds a Masters in nutrition from Tufts and a degree from Carnegie Mellon.




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