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"Anchor Bars have proven to be very effective at combating motion sickness for passengers on board our high speed ferry to Martha’s Vineyard. We were surprised by how well the bars work and even more by the taste. People actually purchase them on calm days just as a healthy snack."

- Ben Miller, Vineyard Fast Ferry


"The Anchor Nutrition Bar has been a great addition to our galley aboard our high speed catamarans that travel daily off shore to visit the whales outside of Boston Harbor. This product provides our customers relief to any seasickness or nausea they might experience during their trip, so they can enjoy themselves while riding on our vessels."

- Mike Iapicca, Food and Beverage Manager, Boston Harbor Cruises


"The bar tastes good. I was getting queasy. About 10 minutes after I ate it, the nausea was gone. I haven't felt it since ..."

- Christine M., Louisiana, on a whale watch


"We love them. Two people on my boat have massive sea sickness and have really been thankful to have these. I'm happy I don't have it, but I also just like eating them before we sail off, just in case. Alessandra says they saved her life. She really felt the difference. So happy they helped!!"

- Erica Swallow, on a catamaran in the British Virgin Islands


"My sister and I were so happy to find your bars! We’ve been seasick on fishing trips before, but with your bars we felt great!"

- Caroline Grainger, East Sandwich, MA (Grainger Pottery Sandwich)


"As a life-long and avid fisherman and photographer on the water, I have been battling nausea and seasickness my entire life. I recently bought a pack of Anchor Bars and finally found some relief. I fully recommend and endorse the product."

- Erich Medenbach, avid fisherman on Stormr Pro Staff





" ... I just got back from Canada, and I used one bar on the flight there and one on the way back.  I loved them! I didn't feel nauseous at all during the flight, they are delicious and guilt free! I'm seriously impressed and I'm going to order some for my commute ..."

- Reena A., Boston, MA


"... My colleague and I tried the sample bar you gave me and we really liked it! I had my half right before getting on the shuttle, read on my phone the whole way from Longwood to Cambridge, and did not feel motion sick as I often do. Amazing! ..."

- Jocelyn Kasper, PhD in Biology and Health Coach, Cambridge, MA 

"... I experience motion sickness frequently, particularly if I try to read or send a text message while riding in a car. Recently on the way to the airport, I was stuck in bad traffic, causing us to start and stop. I was also trying to check my flight time on my phone, which made matters worse. I ate the Anchor Nutrition Bar when I started feeling really queasy, and by the time we got to the airport, I felt absolutely fine. The Shanti Bar came in handy later in my travels, too. I landed early in the morning, starving, but didn't have time to grab breakfast before my connection. Even though I wasn't feeling nauseous, I ate another Anchor Nutrition Bar as a quick snack, and it held me over all the way until lunch. Unlike other products designed to curb nausea, which I've also taken for my motion sickness (like Bonine and Dramamine), the nice thing about Anchor Nutrition Bar is that it's just food, so you can eat it as a snack too—nauseous or not. It tastes good and packs a big punch of protein."

- Kate M., Cambridge, MA, experiences motion sickness




Carolina Benoit, of Florida, recently wrote a post about how the Anchor Nutrition Bar (formerly called the Shanti Bar) helped her. You can read it here:


"... After battling intense nausea and morning sickness throughout my pregnancy, this bar is Amazing... This bar is a life saver, I wish I would have known about it so much sooner. Literally within minutes of eating it, I felt good, I felt really good ..."

- Ana Izquierdo, Cambridge, MA, during last trimester of pregnancy


"... I'd been nauseated off and on for most of my pregnancy, but my biggest challenge was brushing my teeth in the morning.  I just couldn't seem to do it without vomiting. I tried a lot of different things--switching to natural toothpaste, kid's toothpaste, eating toast before getting out of bed, ginger everything, bananas, and saltines.  But I would still get sick.  One morning I woke up feeling sick to my stomach and tried the Anchor Nutrition bar before getting out of bed....I only ate half a bar, but I felt better almost instantaneously.  I was even able to brush my teeth without gagging.  I'd highly recommend these bars, even if you've tried everything else ..."

- Jennie L., New Haven, CT, during last trimester of pregnancy


"I was vomiting everyday of my pregnancy, but the day I ate the bar, it stopped my nausea. I didn't throw up that day. I loved the flavors, and the ginger flavor in it. It was very soft on me; the smells were sensible for me. It's great because you can take it and carry around like a snack. I looked at ingredients; I know I was eating something healthy. I wish I had had the bar throughout my first trimester."

- Carolina B., Florida, at 18 weeks




"... I've been dealing with bouts of intense nausea since I was in high school. I'm now 26 and had not found any way of stopping the nausea once it set in, until I tried the Anchor anti nausea bar. The first few day's I was only able to eat half the bar, because of how nauseated I was. Despite not eating the whole bar, I was nausea free in about 15 minutes. Not only are they great for managing my nausea, they also taste amazing. The fact that they taste great, help me feel better, and are convenient to eat has made them my go to breakfast bar. I would highly recommend these to anyone trying to find something to relieve the feeling of nausea or if you just want a healthy bar to snack on ..."
- Jordan G., Seattle, WA


"... I started eating the bar after about 5 minutes of nausea. The bar was perfectly palatable; the taste + texture combo really grew on me. Within 10 minutes, my nausea was noticeably less intense. It was cool that it started to go away relatively quickly. Within 30 minutes, I was pretty much back to my normal self! I felt really full for quite some time, even after the nausea stopped, and it wasn’t a problem for the rest of the night! ..."

- Kathy B., Cambridge, MA, experiences acid reflux


"... My acid reflux can happen anytime anywhere, which makes this bar super handy when symptoms come. This afternoon, the bar was the only thing I could grab. I felt so much better after 10 minutes, and my symptoms were gone within 20. It also achieves a balanced & natural taste of ginger and sweetness ..."

- Sophia H., Cambridge, MA, experiences acid reflux


"... I am usually a skeptic but always willing to give things a try. I had nausea after a tough workout and decided to eat the bar as a test and I felt almost instantly better and 20 minutes later my nausea is completely gone ..."

- Jeanette C., Cambridge, MA, experiences intermittent nausea




"Anchor Nutrition Bar is quickly becoming a customer favorite and one of our best selling new items"

- Zachary Milligan-Pate, buyer at Cambridge Naturals, Cambridge, MA 










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